Friday, September 7, 2012

Vivian Vance and Philip Ober

Well! Some of you may be wondering how Vivian Vance's ex-husband (the one who physically abused her) looks like.

Here's a trivia for you: do you know that Desi and Lucille have actually invited him to play small parts in I Love Lucy? I guess that this was probably done so to appease him because he was very jealous that Vivian Vance became a household name but his career had all but come to a standstill.

In season 4, Don Juan is Shelved, Phil Ober played MGM's Dore Schary. It was rumored that Schary was ill and could not guest star the episode, or that he was very camera shy, or he had doubts about the consequences on appearing on television (back then, television and movies were still waging war!). 
If you find Phil Ober's face familiar,you're on the right track! Phil Ober has also appeared in season 1 of I Love Lucy, The Quiz Show!

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