Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lucille Ball and Mack Grey

Sorry I haven't been posting much, so here's an interesting bit of treat for you:

The following is a rare picture of young Lucille Ball and her ex-boyfriend Mack Grey in the early 1930s.

Many writers postulated that Lucille's movie career's progress was really slow from the beginning because of the people in her social group. Lucille had been part of the group of renowned "mobsters", including George Raft and Mack Grey. George Raft was known in Hollywood as being associated with mafias, and Mack Grey was his friend/bodyguard. As a result, no one in Hollywood dared to treat Lucy badly, but they were afraid of her because of the people who backed her up.

Those were the friends who were tough but extremely loyal towards their friends. I'm sure Lucille had mastered the traits from them. Lucille became a tough person in Hollywood, but she had been eternally grateful to those who had helped her along her way to stardom, and she respected and love these people till the end of her life.


  1. that's not Mack Gray. That's William Cagney, brother of James

  2. this is Mack