Thursday, May 31, 2012

Instagram Pictures!

Lucille Ball looks so classy here!
Why is Desi Arnaz pointing to Lucy's stomach? Hmmm...
Here's a rare picture of Lucy in her young modeling days, where she was still a dark blonde.
Beautiful, in 1940s:
Brunette Lucy in a bathing suit. Look at those legs!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MGM Stars

They say that MGM had more stars than heaven did, and guess what, I found this rare picture of the stars of MGM, celebrating Louis B Mayer's birthday! Okay, actually, this photo is available everywhere, but I never typed those keywords. That's the problem with the Internet: you have to know what you are finding; there's no such thing as random browsing.

Anyway, here it is:
I've always known that Lucille Ball is in this picture (I mean, look at her symbolic red hair!), but someone from Instagram told me that her husband Desi Arnaz was in the picture too! That made me so excited! Can you spot him?
Front Row: James Stewart, Margaret Sullavan, Lucille Ball, Hedy Lamarr, Katharine Hepburn, Louis B Mayer, Greer Garson, Irene Dunne, Susan Peters, Ginny Simms, Lionel Barrymore

Second Row: Harry James, Brian Donlevy, Red Skelton, Mickey Rooney, William Powell, Wallace Beery, Spencer Tracy, Walter Pidgeon, Robert Taylor, Pierre Aumont, Lewis Stone, Gene Kelly, Jackie Jenkins

Third Row: Tommy Dorsey, George Murphy, Jean Rogers, James Craig, Donna Reed, Van Johnson, Fay Bainter, Marsha Hunt, Ruth Hussey, Marjorie Main, Robert Benchley
Fourth Row: Dame May Whitty, Reginald Owen, Keenan Wynn, Diana Lewis, Marilyn Maxwell, Esther Williams, Ann Richards, Marta Linden, Lee Bowman, Richard Carlson, Mary Astor

Fifth Row: Blanche Ring, Sara Haden, Fay Holden, Bert Lahr, Frances Gifford, June Allyson, Richard Whorf, Frances Rafferty, Spring Byington, Connie Gilchrist, Gladys Cooper

Sixth Row: Ben Blue, Chill Wills, Keye Luke, Barry Nelson, Desi Arnaz, Henry O'Neill, Bob Crosby, Rags Ragland

Here are some photos from @welovelucilleball at Instagram for you to grab:

I love Lucy!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Instagram Pictures

Good day to all Lucy fans!

I cannot really pinpoint to my favorite of favorite picture of Lucy because she looks so darn beautiful and perfect in most of the pictures.

I choose to post my favorites on my Instagram (@welovelucilleball), and here are some to share with you!  
This is one of my personal favorites! She looks so loving towards her pet dogs, her King Charles Spaniels look so lovely, and everything about Lucy, the background, the pose, her hair, her legs- EVERYTHING is just perfect!

Ricky Thinks He is Losing His Hair

I love this scene in their bedroom, when Lucy was at her dressing table when she noticed crow's feet around her eyes, and Ricky said she was beautiful.

Don't we all wish there is a Ricky and Lucy in the world just for us?

Notice how perfect looking these two people are!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Instagram Pictures

Greetings! Here are more pictures of Lucille Ball (and Desi Arnaz) that I used Instagram to edit. As if she isn't stunning enough, Instagram has made her even more gorgeous!

More would be available really soon!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I know that you guys cannot click copy and paste and save pictures from Instagram, and I wanna share pictures of Lucille Ball (and Desi Arnaz) with you guys, especially when Instagram edits such beautiful pictures.

So,  I'll try to upload the pictures onto this blog whenever I can.


Instagram users: 
Please do me a favor and become a follower of @WELOVELUCILLEBALL. It's not for my sake but I want more people to know how awesome Lucy (and Desi) was. You and I know that she certainly could act just as well (or even better than) many of the revered actresses from Old Hollywood. She was her best at every film; she even delivered an acid line fabulously!

Some of the pictures are really rare, and here is one example of what I call a rare photo:

I love this photo to bits! Desi looked so suave in his army uniform and I love Lucy's loose curls here. Most important, it seems like Desi wanted Lucy to look at nowhere else but at him!
Remember, it's @welovelucilleball!


Here are more pictures of Desi Arnaz in uniform during World War II.
This picture is extremely rare!
The day he got his American citizenship was the proudest day in his life. Lucille said in her biography that once they were asked what they would take with them if a fire were to break out in their Chatsworth home. She was thinking of the jewelry, furs, dogs, cats and all other animals, but he answered without hesitation "my American citizenship papers!"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Love, Lucy and A Book

It seems like Heaven wants to reward us earthlings by giving us a reason to laugh heartily. It was simply fate that an American and a Cuban who lived so far away would meet, marry and eventually create I Love Lucy. I'm really thankful for this sitcom because I've made it a habit to watch I Love Lucy whenever I am feeling angry, troubled or sad. It works like magic every single time. I'm sure many of you do the same thing too!

It wasn't by sheer coincidence that they two wonderful people finally conceived a baby just before I Love Lucy, and another during the end of the first season. You could feel their desire/obsession to want children by reading their autobiographies: Love, Lucy, and A Book. A child is a gift unique to the couple, and they both wanted to cement the marriage by all means.

Here are extracts from the autobiographies, and they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle! I really, really, really recommend these two books, because not only do they make an enjoyable read, the stories that come from the horses' mouths are the most legitimate!

Lucille Ball: Love, Lucy
I wanted him and only him as the father of my children.


In 1949, Desi and I instituted a "stay at home" policy. I was still childless, which caused me great heartache. Freddy (her brother) and Cleo (her cousin) were both married and had kids of their own; I had dogs and cats. So one day, Desi and I sat in our cabbage-rose-papered living room and talked far into the night. We finally decided that Desi would give up his cross-country tours and only take local engagements with his band. We would both consult doctors to see why we did not have children.

Desi Arnaz: A Book
The reason we hadn't had a child was not because we weren't trying. We were doing everything humanly possible to have one. I'll never forget the day I had an appointment with one doctor. Maybe it was my fault, I thought. 

"I have to have your semen count," he told me, "so go into the bathroom back there, take this little bottle and put your semen in it."

"Wait a minute," I said. "How?"

"Masturbate, and when the orgasm comes make sure it flows into this bottle here."

"I'm getting a little too old for that, Doc. Couldn't one of the nurses help?"

"Never mind," he said, "you're on your own."

I went into the bathroom and told myself, "Well, you gotta do it, so do it."

Fire engines and police sirens going by on the street below did not help my chore any. The result was that there was no physical reason why I couldn't be a father. Lucy had already been examined and there was nothing wrong with her either.

I'm so glad that their wish came true. Not only were they rewarded with Lucie Arnaz, they had Desi Arnaz Jr. to carry on the family line.

Lucy and Desi, Old Age

Here's a rare picture of Lucy and Desi in the 1960s!

It's like they've never gone through that infernal divorce.

Maybe it was really for the better. Sometimes you just love a person too much to be close to him or her because you'll become self-destructive, and at that, you'll destroy the person you love and cherish most.

Anyone has got pictures of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball Morton to contribute? I'm sure the audience would an assurance, to know that they still loved each other just the same after being separated. 

Monday, May 21, 2012


I just created an Instagram account for Lucille Ball.


Follow me if you have Instagram! I promise I'll upload her beautiful and rare pictures there!

Sentimental Anniversaries

Pardon me for not posting much. My computer was spoiled and I finally got it repaired! Thank you for your patience! Here are some pictures of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball's wedding anniversaries.

I find it so sweet that Desi would always surprise Lucy or make their anniversaries a huge event. 


Even when they had a divorce, Desi would always send Lucy her favorite roses. He did it for another 20 years, till he died.

Forever Darling

Probably the movie wasn't well liked back then because the audience had always wanted to "connect" with the actors in the scripts. Not everyone was a scientist then. Today, we watch movies because the action serves as a form of escapism. I truly enjoyed the movie. Or maybe I'm just biased because I just love seeing Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball together, and in color- what more can I ask for!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Instagram: Rare Picture of Lucille Ball

Do follow and like Lucy's pictures in myinstagram, @welovelucilleball!
Here's a treat for Lucy fans- a rare picture taken in the 1930s, when she hadn't turned into a redhead.

Only Lucy could get away with that pose and still seeping class!

Instagram: Escorts

I like it that Lucille Ball had many dates before meeting the love of her life, Desi Arnaz! It's amazing how one look could make someone fall for another person. What's more, both of them had had active dating life prior to knowing each other. Isn't that sweet?

I wonder how love at first sight really works.
Here's a rare photo of Lucy and her date from my instagram (@welovelucilleball), with her date designer Bernard Newman (later affiliated with Bergdorf Goodman)!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Take Them!

One of the main reasons I choose Blogger instead of Tumblr as a platform to create a webpage with celebrity content is the freedom to write instead of just to post visual content. I feel that words can express many deep aspects of Lucy's life that images can't. Another main reason is I dislike the possessiveness some Tumblr owners exude. I think it's not only stupid, it's childish too. I dislike the cyber bullying involved in Tumblr and it disgusts me that strangers would just gang up and bash another Tumblr owner for "stealing their content", and it disgusts me further that these bullies are employing personal attacks. This whole "reblog" thing in Tumblr really makes people turn nasty.

First of all, just because an image appears in a webpage, it doesn't automatically make it copyrighted. A lot of legal affairs are involved if one wants to copyright something. What we can hope for is some social responsibility and decency from netizens. Like how people behave in reality, I doubt we can expect much from netizens. So, if we cannot change the external circumstances, we can surely change the way we feel, think and react.

Here's how I feel: when people right click and save the pictures from my blog (even the ones that I legitimately pay for, painstakingly scan and edit or colorize[all the images in color are colorized by Yours Truly!]) and I see them appearing on their blogs, I don't feel angry at all. In fact, I feel flattered! I'll go "hey! That's my creation!" and squeal in excitement! It's the same feeling I felt when I had my first composition published in school. When they do that, that means that first, they like my stuff from this blog and second, they love the ever fascinating great beautiful awesome perfect Lucille Ball!

If I really feel that I should be given credit to a particular image or gif I've edited till it is so unique, I'll watermark it with my blog address. If there are people who erase the watermark, there's nothing I can do, and so I should change the way I feel about such incidents.

Shouldn't fans of Lucy be happy that she has so many fans?

Shouldn't fans of Lucy be happy when images of her are saved and blogged or used? That way, it's like a viral effect, more and more people in the world will know about this wonderful woman and she'll forever be immortal!

I feel an indescribable sense of happiness that people still appreciate her. Katharine Hepburn, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn et al. were always so popular in the movies and are famous today. In my honest opinion, Lucy had been just as great (or even better) than these huge movie stars! She could add value to an inferior script, she could make the roles she was playing come alive, she could act serious, princessy, magnanimous, cute, drunk, bitchy, ANYTHING, when the rest of these so-called giant movie stars couldn't. She was such a rare gem, versatile, colorful, and the world should pay more attention to her!

When there are selfish fans who claim the "rights" to the images, gifs, videos and all, it really makes me sad. Those stuff don't belong to them either. They belong to the photographers and the studios and the archives and the television companies! So why are they claiming "rights"? To gain popularity and more followers? Do they truly adore a celebrity or do they want to be online celebrities too?

That said, I still respect their wishes. Everyone has different opinions and what is important is I agree to disagree. Most of the images here come from the books I've scanned, or from netizens who are as unselfish as I am. The main focus of this blog isn't on images or visuals, it's on words to describe this immensely complicated lady. I am seeking certain answers, and by explaining her, I do become clearer on things. I hope that readers who read what I've written will feel the same way as I do. For instance, did Desi love Lucy? I know Lucy loved Desi; all the books expound on it, but few books and few people talk about him loving her as much as she did. It's reassuring to find these answers when I explain certain events that can make me draw happy conclusions.

If I ever take so-called original images from the self-proclaimed best fans, I do not merely use their images and blog as a new post. I will always do some enhancements or colorization and make them uniquely mine. After that, I'll share it on this blog and I'll be happy when readers appreciate my creativity skills in images and content.

I really hope that the owners in Tumblr would stop bullying the poor owner. What they are doing is so inhumane and I cannot pretend ignorance/indifference. I hope that by writing this post, at least some of us will do some reflection. Let's all be a little less selfish and live in harmony. Remember the ultimate goal: to spread the word about Lucy (and other great celebrities of Old Hollywood of course!) and make more people fall for her and appreciate her!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

City of Hope

When actress Lucille Ball, appearing on the City of Hope Telethon, appealed to viewers to contribute a dime a piece to a free national medical center, seven-year-old Bobby Cohen dutifully saved ten cents out of his allowance. But Bobby wouldn’t trust the post office to deliver his contribution. He appeared at the door of the studio in which Lucy was filming her TV show and insisted on making his contribution to the star, herself

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lucie Arnaz

There’s something in the kind of man you choose, the strength of man you choose. She knew what she was doing when she chose my father. She knew that he was a man who loved women, a ‘Latin Lover’. She always went for people like that, and kind of liked the challenge. It made her feel very womanly to have a guy that is clearly the ‘lover boy’, and ‘lover boy’ falls in love with you. How fabulous that would make you feel.  
- Lucie Arnaz

Where is Lucy?

Eleanor Roosevelt's birthday!

It's so cute that the actors were made to sit on the floor, like kids! Times have changed. Actors today have such overblown egos.

Guy Lombardo, Brian Aherne, Grantland Rice, Roland Young, Red Skelton, John Garfield, Meyer Davis, Walter Pidgeon, Brian Donlevy; 
Joan Fontaine, Martha Scott, Mary Martin,Virginia Field, Mary Pickford, Mrs. Roosevelt, Lucille Ball

President Bush

Lucille Ball possessed the gift of laughter. but she also embodied an even greater treasure - the gift of love. She appealed to the gentler impulses of the human spirit. She was not merely an actress or comedienne. She was Lucy and she was loved. 

- President Bush (The Dispatch Thursday April 27, 1989)

Carol Burnett

I admired Lucy because, despite her truly beautiful looks and being a woman she managed to also be a comedian. It wasn’t easy because in Hollywood all the top comics were men, so Lucy usually played the second banana to guys like Bob Hope or Red Skelton and she never got as much to do as they did. But she could toss the lines back with the best of them. The funny thing is, Lucy never really became a big movie star. The studios just didn’t know what to do with her, but she never showed any bitterness. Instead she considered Hollywood a great learning experience. I met Lucy when she came to see me in the Broadway musical ‘Once Upon a Mattress’ back in May of 1959. There was this big buzz backstage and I made the mistake of peeking through the curtains and there I saw her. Lucy, in the second row, the red hair all lit up and I don’t know how I got through the show. There was the queen, sitting there, the empress of comedy, in the front row watching me. A few years later I called Lucy and she said “What’s up, kid?” She always called me “kid” and I said “Well, Lucy, I’m doing this special for CBS and I wondered…” and she said “when do you want me?” She didn’t even let me finish the sentence. That was the first time we did a show together and we had the best time doing it. I learned from that show that Lucy wasn’t one of those comediennes who had to be the center of attention. I also learned that when the cameras weren’t rolling Lucy was all business. She would say what she liked and you’d know she meant it and then she would say what she didn’t like and you’d know it wasn’t personal. Nobody ever worked harder than she did. Over the years, Lucy and I were very close. We talked on the phone, she always sent flowers on my Birthday and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her, because I miss her.

- Carol Burnett

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rare Picture Of Lucille Ball

This was taken when Lucy was in her mid twenties.
Do you know? 
Lucy won the best dressed actress award when she was only a small fry during 1930s (before she met Desi Arnaz), it was the first time this award wasn't given to those famous leading ladies. Obviously, the award givers and audience had good taste!