Saturday, September 1, 2012

Desi Arnaz, the Brains behind I Love Lucy

Desi Arnaz was really the brains behind I Love Lucy, and it saddens me that many people seem to disregard that.
No matter how angry with Desi Lucille was, she always had kind words to say about him. After the divorce, when reporters tried to cheer her up and told her that she was the star, she got extremely angry. She would explain that they were wrong, that Desi was really the genius behind the whole Desilu Inc. business, that Lucille was fortunate because all she did was to show up for rehearsals and be Lucy Ricardo, while Desi had the stressful business dealings and the Ricky Ricardo role to deal with.

Lucy Ricardo wouldn't be America's favorite redhead without Ricky Ricardo.

"Desi protected Lucy and knew how to promote her. He was a large part of her talent-- I'd say it was a forty-sixty situation. She knew it. You can't explain it-- love is a funny thing.'' 
(Fred Ball, Lucille's younger brother)

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