Monday, September 24, 2012

Sexy Lady

Sorry for not posting daily. In fact, I intentionally stopped blogging because I wanted the two entries of "Lucille Ball Topless" to gain maximum exposure. I don't want people to think that the topless woman featured on a certain magazine or a certain illegitimate biography is Lucille, because that certainly isn't her!

Anyway, I've gotten a few requests to post this particular picture of Lucille Ball on my blog, so here you go!
Here's a wonderful quote about Lucille Ball in one of my favorite movies, Du Barry was a Lady:

"To her red-headed and later bewigged beauty, Miss Ball adds vivaciousness and excellent comedy timing, proving once again that she is a musical-comedy star of the first magnitude."
- New York Herald-Tribune

I really love this quote because it seems like it was a dig to the movie studios, that the reviewers and audiences loved Lucille, and it was time for the big shots to start paying attention to the exceedingly talented and beautiful lady. Well, I guess that was a blessing in disguise, that Lucille hadn't enjoyed great success in the movies, because we have I Love Lucy today!

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