Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lucille Ball and William Holden

You'll probably recognize the two subjects in the following picture...
Yes, they are Lucille Ball (duh!) and William Holden, the guest star who appeared on I Love Lucy's famous episode, LA At Last! Yes, he received a pie in his face and yes, he lighted Lucy's fake nose on fire!

Lucy and Bill went back a long way. They became great friends when they starred in the movie Miss Grant Takes Richmond.

They were laughing so naturally in this picture because for some reason, while doing an intimate kissing scene, they kept breaking into laughter again and again. Finally, they got comfortable enough. I supposed it was because they were good friends. Bill would confide in Lucy about relationship problems and Lucy would provide sound advice. They always teased each other and told each other funny stuff just to make each other lose the poker face.

I love Old Hollywood, where people were friendly and nice and simpler. Well, comparatively so anyway!

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  1. Hi! Are you still active? I just wanted to say that I became a big fan of I Love Lucy lately and I hope I could find someone to converse it with. Sadly, I don't know anybody who knows the show as much as I do. I strongly wanna talk about Lucy and Desi! I adore them so much! :) btw, I love this episode!! It still makes me laugh even though I've watched this for like a hundred times