Monday, September 10, 2012

I Love Lucy: Lucy is Enceinte

I've been asked by people from Instagram, Twitter and blog about my favorite episode of I Love Lucy. It used to be Lucy Does a TV Commercial (the vitameatavegamin episode), but after having tears in my eyes for the umpteenth time whenever I watch Lucy is Enceinte, it finally dawned on me that this is my all-time favorite episode!

Everything's so... homey, like what a wife would usually do to break a wonderful news to a husband. In this episode, Lucille does it naturally with flair and humor, and Desi acts like a "stupid husband" so convincingly that he helps Lucille bring out the best of her comedic abilities.

I especially love the part in the nightclub, where Lucy Ricardo finally breaks the news to Ricky Ricardo in such a sweet and special way, a way more awesome than her original plan. Initially, when I first watched this episode, I didn't know what made me cry. After falling in love with this sitcom, I did more research and eventually realized that this part was completely ab-libbed! It was the best blooper ever! The ending wasn't supposed to be this way... not all sentimental and sweet and all. Ricky was supposed to scream with excitement and Lucy was supposed to do that right along with him!
However, Desi Arnaz started crying and screwing up the lyrics of Rockabye Baby. He had recalled his emotions when his wife was pregnant and when his daughter, Lucie Arnaz was born. Anyway, they continued filming because the emotions were charged and the crew, cast and audience could all feel it.

You can hear distinctively that Desi's orchestra member saved the film by saying "sing the baby song!"

Lucille saw how emotional Desi was and started crying too.

When the filming finally ceased, director William Asher wanted a retake, one that would stick with the original filming. Desi and Lucille agreed because they were extremely embarrassed for displaying so much emotion, what's more in front of the cameras. Everyone- the crew, cast, audience, men and women, Vivian Vance and even William Frawley- objected to it and eventually, the three were convinced that this version was better. And thankfully so, because I love this episode so much!

I've told this story a million times but I'm never get bored of doing it!

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