Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why didn't I know that Lucy was a Serious Person?

Frankly speaking, it was quite a deep dig into books available that supported the fact that Lucille Ball was a serious and rather person.

It was strange to me, how a comedienne who loved hysterical audience could shy away from the media when she was off the stage.

I think that Lucy loved the known, she feared the unknown. After the phenomenal success in I Love Lucy which shocked her, going off script and facing a scene without knowing what would happen next made her feel deeply uncomfortable. She was so dedicated to her work and to satisfying the audience's expectations of wanting funny stuff that she felt that she would disappoint her audience when she wasn't Lucy Ricardo, but Lucille Ball. That kind of pressure, as we all know, really makes us stressful.

When you're ranked number 1, there's only one way to go: downwards.

Her husband Desi, was terribly crazy about her. He wanted the best for her, he protected her and nurtured her image. Of course, it helped that he was a very talented and astute businessman. He knew that the public would be shocked if they saw how Lucy was like in real life. So, he forbade her from going into extensive talk shows and commercials etc. He knew what was good for her, what was best for her, and what was bad and wrong for her.

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