Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Love Lucy Too

Welcome to my blog!

I have read many books, articles and have watched many videos related to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. I have also immersed myself in both their autobiographies. I do understand them more than many others, but of course, less than even more avid fans who have done even more extensive research. Many people who have read about her were puzzled by how increasingly difficult she became when she grew older, but the way these opinions were published are unfair.

It's a shame that the pioneering of the Internet only happened in the late 1990s. Much of the information about fascinating movie stars of the golden era of Hollywood is lost forever. We can only rely on the little information provided which sadly, may be untrue. In this blog, I'm attempting to analyze her, what made the most celebrated comedienne who she was, her marriage and subsequent divorce, her next marriage, and why she changed to a bitter woman in the later years.

Some of the information are based on books and videos,  but many of the content are purely my personal views.
Her unflagging determination and dedication to work should inspire other people in the show business, as well as individuals like you and me.

Go Lucille Ball!

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