Friday, November 25, 2011

Talent and Legs

In I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball played the role of being an untalented but passionate woman who wanted to get into the show business. She couldn't dance and couldn't sing.

And that is a gross misconception. Lucille had been a chorus girl and she could dance awesomely.

Watch her sing and dance in Dance, Girl, Dance (1940)

I Love Lucy (more than 10 years later)
When she makes up her mind to, she can accomplish anything. Give her a week.


  1. I am very constipated today! I tried taking some milk of magnesia but it is not working so far. I do have terrible gas though. One would think if you can fart you should be able to shit!

    1. Try Smooth Move tea available at most supermarkets. Steep well and drink as hot as you can bear it.
      I also drink a tall glass or mug of pretty hot water to calm my stomach when I get gassy.

      Hope you feel better soon.