Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2. After that First Date

After that first date, Desi thought that it would be end of the Lucy story. Now, they were both involved in a serious relationship with other people. Lucille was engaged to Alexander Hall, a well known director 20 years her senior. They were staying together and Al was a very sweet, understanding man to Lucille. Desi, too, had a steady girlfriend, dubbed "Freckles". Freckles was his first love; she was the kindest, most magnanimous and understanding woman Desi had ever met and he was very much in love with her. They had every intention to get married after Freckles' divorce became final.

Freckles arrived at New York a few days later and Desi and her had a wonderful reunion. He brought her to a beach party that consisted of the Broadway group and the Hollywood stars.

As he was strolling down the beach alone, enjoying the upbeat atmosphere, he spotted Lucille.

"Hi! How's my rumba teacher?" she said. She had this sunny disposition that was so attractive.

Remembering his cheesiest excuse for asking her out a few nights earlier, he laughed and said, "hello."

"I had a wonderful time at El Zarape the other night," she said, looking right through him with her beautiful big blue eyes.  

"Thank you, and so did I."

Lucille patted the sand next to her and said, "sit down."

He sat down and never went back to Freckles. Desi and Lucille spent the entire day together. That night, he went to her apartment and that was their first night together.

Love has no time frame. It can happen weeks later, months later, or years later. It can also happen the moment you meet someone. Love makes people do the riskiest, craziest, most irrational things ever imaginable:
The next day, Lucille called her fiance apologized and told him, "I'm moving out, Al. I'll send somebody to pick up my clothes. I'll explain it to you another time."

Desi too, called Freckles. It was the hardest thing ever to do and the last thing he ever wanted to do was to hurt her. "I don't know what made me do what I'm going to do- and to you of all people. You know I was in love with you."

"Yes, but you're not now, are you?"

"Freckles, I don't know how a thing like this can happen. It's unnatural, it has no reason."

"Everything that happens in life is natural and has a reason. Good luck, Desi."

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