Friday, November 25, 2011

4. Lucy? Isn't it Lucille?

Contrary to popular belief, using the name "Lucy" was not a result of the funniest sitcom in the world, "I Love Lucy". In fact, "I Love Lucy" was the result of the name "Lucy".

Why not the name "Lucille", her real name?

When Lucille Ball was much younger, she used to hate it when people call her "Lucy". She wanted to be known as Lucille Ball, because it sounded classier, Like Katherine Hepburn. No one in the right mind would call Katharine "Kathy" Hepburn.

It was only after she started going out with Desi Arnaz that became known as Lucy. Shortly after they met, Desi started calling her Lucy. He hated the name "Lucille" because that name had been used by other men. "Lucy" was his, and his alone.

The possessiveness both felt about about each other was both infuriating and sweet, you know what I mean?

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