Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Arnaz Family

I know there are many negative opinions on Desi and especially Lucille that are circulating.In my opinion, given the astounding workload, amounted with the broken childhood, Lucille was the best mother she could ever be. And Desi certainly did spend quality time with his kids even though he was busy with his movie studio and the roles.

I see pictures of Lucille playing with her kids in snow or in the swimming pool, Desi and Lucille having their kids visit the I Love Lucy set, Desi and Lucille holding parties for the kids and taking the kids along on their publicity tours, the Arnaz family touring Hawaii, New York and other states and Europe, celebrating many important occasions together, etc.. And I read interviews where Lucie Arnaz said her mum was always there in the morning to say goodbye when she went to school, and there at the dinner table at night.

Tell me, after reading this, do you still think they were bad parents? Come on, they were the famous Ricky and Lucy Ricardo, how much personal time on their hands do you think they had?

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  1. I think they were great parents. Considering how much work they had, they really tried to spend time with their kids and have a happy family.