Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Love Lucy: The Young Fans

Desi displayed some onscreen comedic talent with his "Please keep jiggling, Peggy, keep jiggling!"
"I was terribly intimidated working with Lucille Ball because, well, she was Lucy, but she was marvelously professional. In rehearsals she was letter perfect, but I was shocked during the shoot. When the camera started rolling in front of the live audience, she just "turned on" -- she was so much bigger on camera than in rehearsal. I got the part because Madelyn called me and asked me if I would like to be on I Love Lucy. I was thrilled to do it, but there was only one problem. I was pregnant. I was playing a teenager on radio on Corliss Archer at the time and didn't show too much, so we thought it was safe. Wardrobe covered me up so I didn't show at all. Lucy knew I was pregnant, and when we rehearsed the "keep jigging Peggy" scene, she would say, "Janet, cool it. Don't do it too much now. You don't want to miscarry!""
- Janet Waldo

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