Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quote from Lucille Ball

"We try to make a game of our lives--but a game without any fixed or definite pattern. We believe that too many couples allow themselves to become 'settled' and prosaic, and as a result lose the fun which drew them together in the first place, and which keeps romance alive"
- Lucille Ball, circa 1942

You can imagine how romantic and exciting the earlier years of their marriage had been. They fought like mad, and made love like crazy. They loved playing games to test each other's devotion and depth of love.

I suppose that spending too much time together was one of the reasons Desi and Lucille ultimately filed for divorce. Their marriage got routine, and their responsibilities accumulated a great deal. They spent the day working on I Love Lucy, publicity tours, etc., and the night together too. Even the closest couple need a break from each other.

That's why after the divorce, they finally realized they were each other's greatest loves. They had that break, but it was eternal.

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