Saturday, November 3, 2012

Quote from Irma Kusely

Here's a quote from Lucille's long-time friend and hairstylist:
"Yes, she (Lucille) was always practicing the routines over and over and over, she wanted it absolutely right. And that was why the show was a success; let's face it, it came off with perfection. Once she set her mind to accomplish things, she made sure to do them with perfection. She was the most intelligent woman I ever met."

It's true, Lucille used to lug that mean saxophone through rehearsals and it drove everyone crazy. But in no time at all, Lucille had mastered the saxophone so well that the I Love Lucy writers were afraid that her skill would spoil the whole comedic routine. They had to constantly remind her to play dumb. That was how she approached the episode where she was supposed to make Italian pizza. She had went to a chef and learned how to make pizza, and thereafter, she baked perfect ones at home and brought them to Desilu Studios for the cast and crew.

Lucille was always in awe of people who have graduated from college. She thought that she wasn't smart and she felt inferior. I wish I could tell her how intelligent she was; just read her biography and you'll know that a wise and smart person was behind those paragraphs!

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