Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thank You

I received a very sweet comment from a blog reader, Karina.
Thank you for leaving this lovely and sweet message. I really enjoy what I am doing, and it's perks like this that makes it even more worthwhile.
I honestly feel that in this era, human beings are handling much more than our forefathers ever went through. It's true that most of us do not go through the trauma of war, but hey, we're dying a slow death through constant pressure from school, work, peers, family, economy, politics, religion, environment, etc.. The stress that we face from all aspects of society is just phenomenal. As for me, I Love Lucy acts as a temporary sanctuary where I can put all my problems aside and just have a good, clean laugh. I wish more people would know about this wonderful situational comedy and come to appreciate the value of humor.

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  1. "I Love Lucy" makes me soooo happy to watch. It's for me also, a sanctuary. I also really glad I found this blog because I love Lucille, Desi, and "I Love Lucy." I was even Lucille Ball for Halloween. When I was trick-or-treating, the adults handing out candy didn't believe I knew what "I Love Lucy" was. I guess they thought this generation doesn't know much about movies, tv shows etc. that played in the 30's-80's. I was happy and proud to tell them it was my favorite show and I knew a lot about it. Thanks to you I know so many awesome facts about Lucy, Desi, and "I Love Lucy." I just want to say you do a fantastic job with this and please keep up the good work!!!!