Monday, August 6, 2012

Lucille Ball 101st Birthday

Lucille Ball is extremely underrated. Sure, some people know that she's the queen of comedy, but most of us have overlooked her dramatic acting skills. Before taking up the role of Lucy Ricardo in I Love Lucy, Miss Ball was typecast into many roles in dramatic movies, glamor movies, musical comedies, film noirs and so on, and she was perfect in all of them! No one, and I mean no one had and can never have the caliber of talent as this lady. Moreover, her beauty was often overlooked because she indulged in slapstick and physical comedy. Has anyone ever noticed how desirable she still looked with a pie in her face, when she was stuffing chocolates, or when she was drenched? And her lipstick never smudged once!

I'll always regard her as my role model. Her beauty and her talent are just the tip of the iceberg. Character-wise, she was optimistic and determined, diligent and down-to-earth, childlike and sentimental, and humble and shy. Most importantly, she had a phenomenal capacity to love both human beings and animals. 
Happy 101st birthday to the first pregnant lady on television, first noted chairperson of a major film productions studio, America's favorite redhead, Miss Lucille Ball! You'll always be loved!


  1. I have a question, did Lucy choose her work over her marriage and kids?

    1. Yes. She did. However, Lucille was always eternally loyal to all her family members.