Monday, August 13, 2012

Desi, Lucille and their Calf

A friend gave us 2 calves. One died, the other was very sick, and Lucy and I stayed up all night long with her. She had a high fever and we held her, wrapped up in blankets, and gave her the stuff the vet told us to give her. Finally, she got over the illness and lived. We both felt good and proud of our triumph to have this beautiful little white-and-black calf we called The Duchess of Devonshire live through the efforts of our nursing. Eventually, she got to be 2200 pounds. She fell in love with me and would come to our bedroom window in the middle of the night and moo, moo, moo. Lucy would wake up and say, "there's your goddamn girlfriend trying to get into the bedroom. You better go do something before she comes right through the window." 

- Desi Arnaz, A Book (Lucille Ball told a story that coincided with this in Love, Lucy)

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