Sunday, August 5, 2012

Instagram Pictures: Desi and Lucy

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Here are Desi and Lucy at the chapel where they remarried.
Desi and Lucy had been married for 10 years, but they remained childless. "We have tried all ways humanly possible but we remain childless," Desi lamented. "Lucy had been checked and there's nothing wrong with her. I thought it was my fault, but there's nothing wrong with me too." Desi's mother, Dolores, was a devout catholic and was convinced that the couple remained childless because having eloped some 10 years ago, God had not sanctioned the marriage. Dolores wanted them to remarry in a church and with God's blessings, Lucy would definitely be pregnant. Desi loved the idea. He wanted to convince Lucy that he was totally in love with her, and with his knees bent, he proposed romantically to Lucy. Overwhelmed with emotions, Lucy agreed immediately.

He loved Lucy.

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