Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vivian Vance

According to Vivian Vance in an interview, she actually felt that 3 out of the 4 cast members of I Love Lucy were miscast. Vivian Vance had always played the other woman in Broadway shows, William Frawley was a vaudevillian, Desi Arnaz was an orchestra leader.

However, that was what made the situational comedy so fantastic. The three of them were the few people who could handle Miss Ball. Bill had never tried to please anyone and in fact he had been known to be extremely ornery at times; Desi had a special knack of treating his wife, and he would give her tasks that others would never dare to, and Lucy had trusted his judgment wholeheartedly. And Viv, I love her! Viv had always been a forthright person who spoke her mind, and with a sardonic sense of humor at that. She had been known to be just as blunt to Lucy as Lucy did with her.

Viv's husband had always abused her emotionally and physically. Once, he taunted her with gossips about Lucy and Viv being lesbians, and she had been so emotionally affected that she almost experienced a breakdown. However, strong as she was, and with the mental support, when Vivian Vance accepted her Emmy award, she said in her thanks "I would like to thank Miss Lucille Ball, the greatest straight woman in the world!" and that clarified things. Imagine addressing this sensitive issue back in the 1950s, on television!Viv could actually represent the modern woman!

I suppose these tough people really made Lucy respect them. She respected people who had spunk and not cower in fear when they had to work with her.

"I'm going to learn to love that bitch!" -Vivian Vance.

Of course, Vivian and Lucille had clashes, but they adored each other like sisters. I mean, think about it: people who don't have clashes with others are great hypocrites. The more you love another individual, the more occasions there will be where you just have to fight with him or her.


  1. Where in the world are the comments. Love, sweat, work, humility, acceptance. Love distributed in a show like no other. Forget the money. Eat a potato, ummm!!! The "I Love Lucy Show"...Reality TV. This was LUV TV. Time to set the clock for 3 a.m. Get UP...Dig it...Do it...Love, love, love...

  2. You misunderstand what a straight man or straight woman is in comedy. See Vivian Vance's use of "straight woman" has nothing to do with sexuality, especially at that time in history.

    1. A blogger loses credibility when they do not do fact-checking.