Friday, June 29, 2012


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Here's Lucille in a publicity shot for the movie The Big Street.
According to Desi Arnaz, The Big Street was the movie he had seen Lucille reluctant to take up. Lucile had never failed to take up any challenge in her career, and of course, she played the meanest bitch in The Big Street and honestly, I feel that this was her best acting! Do watch it if you can.

Here's young Lucy. She was still a strawberry blonde then.
Here's young Desi and Lucille working hard on their farm. This was the period when both were idle due to lack of assignments, and they had the rare chance to really do things together.
Here's young Lucille and Desi, barely a few hours after eloping. The optimism about the love and the marriage was so obvious here. Maybe the marriage went sour, but their love never ever did. If there was one thing wrong with the marriage, it was too much passion.
According to the Triangular Theory of Love, in a romantic relationship, 3 components are essential: passion, commitment and intimacy.

1. Desi and Lucille had passion.  No arguments about that.
2. Desi was emotionally committed. Lucille but never physically so, and that was one of the main problems. He remained emotionally committed to her till his dying breath though, so whatever is there to argue about the controversy between Cuban men's perception of love and sex and American women's perception of love and sex?
3. They always had intimacy. Even after the divorce, Desi and Lucy remained the best of friends. They spoke to each other almost nightly.

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