Sunday, June 24, 2012


Many of the fans of Desi/Lucy have been wondering how life was after their divorce. I've seen claims from romantic people that they had never stopped loving each other, but a cynical side of me sometimes questions the verity. Thankfully, people who had been around these two lovely people had bore witness to the love that had been eternal. Here's what I found: An interview excerpt from Candy Moore, who played Lucille Carmichael's daughter in The Lucy Show.  
When rehearsals for the first episode of The Lucy Show commenced on July 12, Desi presented Lucille with a kiss and a good-luck emblem of a tiny four-leaf clover crafted from antique emerald jade.  

“It was a fabulous piece of jewelry,” recalls Candy Moore. “But that wasn’t the point. The point was that he adored her to the extent that he was thoughtful enough to give her such a smashing gift. She cried. They had a lot of tenderness and love between them.” 

Desi climbed a soundstage catwalk and watched Lucy rehearse a scene, prompting him to break into tears. Vivian went to him and the two embraced. “Oh, Desi,” she sobbed, “it isn’t the same, is it?”

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