Saturday, June 2, 2012

Instagram Pictures!

I made this with the love letters Desi and Lucy wrote to each other during World War II. Those letters were so touching, and they were so in love.
Beautiful side view!
Dig that hairstyle! And she looks so youthful with no fringe! I have more photos of her many different poses!
What an adorable looking hat!
Here's Lucy, just before an I Love Lucy taping with Little Ricky in the hospital!


  1. i have been on your blog for a whole 2 days solid this blog is amazing u have made me research everything about them i mean everything!! i wanted to ask where can i read the love letters written also it sounded like u have read them and i would love to. and i like you am sooo in love with their love. it is soo amazing. they are together now. keep up the hardwork please!! i love it all!

    1. Hi Selena, thank you for leaving such lovely comments. I felt so touched after reading them! It feels really good to be appreciated. I didn't read the love letters, their daughter Lucie Arnaz read them out for viewers and I typed them out:) You can hear and see it from "Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie". I highly recommend that movie, it's awesome. I've watched it 4 times and cried 4 times! Thank you again, I'll keep posting stuff about them whenever I can! <3