Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Organizer

 I've just created an organizer and I've pasted Lucille Ball's photographs and quotes all over. This task has caused me to reread Desi Arnaz's and Lucille Ball's autobiography again.

She has the loveliest eyes in the world!
They remain as my favorite couple.
The first time that I read Lucy too had an affair came as a shock to me. It was disturbing. After some time, I figured that she was probably trying to convince herself that she still had that charm that made Desi fall in love with her 19 years ago. Or maybe, she wanted to make Desi jealous. Or maybe, she needed to release the tension? After all, they began sleeping in separate bedrooms during the filming of the Comedy Hours.

Anyway, Desi wasn't clear about that part about the matchstick at all. Things remain ambiguous, and the secret's buried forever.

This is a case at hand where love can remain after so many nasty things had happened between them, more evidently so after their divorce, where they both maintained that they were the greatest loves ever.

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