Saturday, February 4, 2012

Classic Film Survey

In answer to Frankly My Dear, here are my answers to the well asked questions.

1. Favorite classic Disney?
I would say, Beauty and the Beast. My friend Aishah lent me the DVD and I'm grateful for her kindness! What a way to see if the love for someone is genuine or based on superficial desires! I was really touched by the film, but I'm touched by all classic Disney films. I always end up in tears. But that's just me.
2. Favorite film from the year 1939?
That goes without asking-- Gone With the Wind! I cried a few times and I must say Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable were just fabulous! A true portrayal of a woman's life from having everything, to nothing, to everything, and losing what mattered most to her. I hope that eventually Rhett Butler was convinced by Scarlett O'Hara's love. What a great movie.
3. Favorite Carole Lombard Screwball role?
Mr. and Mrs. Smith cracked me up. But I only watched a few segments from YouTube.
4. Favorite off screen couple? (It’s ok if it ended in divorce.)
Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, my all-time favorite couple! It was an affair of the heart, and it doesn't matter that their marriage ended in divorce, because they loved each other till their dying day. Their attraction was fatal, but you get the feeling that their passion for each other helped them stay together for two decades. More amazingly, their love grew stronger after divorce, which is the evidence of true love! God, I love them!

How about Joe Dimaggio and Marilyn Monroe, Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn? I'm looking at true love, and these couples shine through many.

I wouldn't choose Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Somehow I don't really sense a great enduring love between them. 
5. Favorite pair of best friends? (i.e: Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Crawford)
I get the feeling that the stars were all lonely, that they probably had many great and supportive friends, but no best friends. Or is it my lack of knowledge?
Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, after their divorce. I'm sorry, I just couldn't help choosing them again. It's so sweet that they became best friends after the divorce, talking on the phone a few times a week, placing each other with such importance that they would drop everything to help the other out. 
Or Bob Hope and Lucille Ball? They did help each other out many times out of tough spots. After all, no one but Bob got Lucy out of hiding from the press to perform with him a few months before she died. She did it because he asked her to. That's friendship!
I get the feeling that Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy were best friends too. She was the soul mate whom he could pour all his feelings and problems out. I'm glad they found each other.
6. Favorite actor with a mustache? 
Clark Gable! It makes him mischievous, mature, distinguished, wild and sexy!

7. Favorite blonde actress?
It took me a long time to choose between Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe. Purely based on films, Grace Kelly has more talent. Is it because Marilyn Monroe was stereotyped to do bimbo roles, and didn't had the opportunity to do more dramatic roles?
If this is based on television, I would say Vivian Vance. She's severely underrated. If you were to observe her closely-- her actions, expressions, stance, tone and speech-- you would realize that she has a natural talent in acting. She's truly a professional.

8. Favorite pre-code?
I only watched The Saturday Night Kid. Actually, I don't really fancy the pre-code era, the lack of censorship and control, though fascinating, was appalling.
9. Which studio would you have liked to join?
MGM! My childhood was accompanied by lots of lions roaring whenever I watched Tom and Jerry, maybe that's why I'm inclined to choose it. 
It used to produce lots of successful musicals, and since technicolor was perfected by MGM, the stars would look gorgeous in it. After all, I might be able to work with Gene Kelly, Red Skelton, Judy Garland, Fred Astaire... AND LUCILLE BALL! MGM was the motion picture studio that gave Lucy her break in A list movies. She looked so gorgeous in DuBarry was a Lady!

Second choice: 20th Century.
Third choice: Paramount

10. Favorite common on screen pairing that SHOULD have gotten married? 
On screen, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy shared a great chemistry. Off screen, their love story is both sweet and sad.
11. Favorite I Love Lucy episode?
Can I choose more than one? In actual fact, I love each and every one of the episodes! They either bring me laughter, or touch my heart when Desi and Lucy's true love surface above the scripts. 

I would choose Lucy Does a TV Commercial, the famous Vitameatavegamin episode. I remember the first time I watched it, I literally cried with laughter! All her expressions and actions were just so cute! I can even remember the lines. I'm serious! 
Hello friends, I'm your Vitameatavegamin girl. Are you tired, run down, listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular? The answer to all your problems is in this little bottle-- Vitameatavegamin. Yes Vitameatavegamin contains vitamins, meat, vegetables and minerals. Yes with Vitameatavegamin, you can spoooon your way to health. All you have to do is take a great big tablespoonful after every meal. It's so tasty too, just like candy. So why don't join the thousands of happy peppy people and get a great big bottle of Vitameatavegamin tomorrow? It's vita-meata-vegamin. *Winks* 
Most importantly, I was so touched that Desi Arnaz had to bite the inside of his cheeks till he tasted blood to stop from laughing out loud when his beloved wife was acting adorably. He loved her, he did. He was crazy about her. 

12.  Out of these actresses which one do you like best: Lucille Ball, Ingrid Bergman, Natalie Wood, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Greer Garson, Grace Kelly, or Katharine Hepburn?

Lucille Ball, hands down! I can rave about her all day, all night. She's dedicated, hardworking, determined, enormously talented, drop dead gorgeous, and severely underrated before she went into television.

Katharine Hepburn in Stage Door was great too.

13. Shadowy film noir from the 1940’s or splashy colorful musicals from the 1950’s?
Splashy colorful musicals from the 1950s, like Ziegfeld Follies! Those timeless songs are present today, thanks to those musicals! Film noir basically had femme fatales coming in and out of pictures. I guess I cannot appreciate film noirs much. But The Dark Corner was kinda cool!
14. Actor or actress with the best autograph (photo preferred).
LUCY! Her "L" in Lucille, and "B" in Ball were so beautiful and classy! I would do anything to have her autograph!

15. A baby (or childhood, or teenage) photo of either your favorite actress or actor (or both, if you’d like.)
The bow on her head just gets me, right here in my heart. Lucille Ball! 
It's not because it's cute, but it represents a whole era of innocent Norma Jean Mortensen, also known as Marilyn Monroe before the external environment and Hollywood ruined her. All children look beautiful. It's a shame because in this case, Marilyn not only had a heart made of gold, she was also not the stereotypical dumb blonde. Her Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was actually as high as Albert Einstein's! 

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