Saturday, February 11, 2012

30 Days of Lucille Ball-- Day 2

2. Favorite Lucille Ball movie

I actually enjoyed quite a number of her movies, I love Fancy Pants, The Next Time I Marry, The Long, Long Trailer, The Big Street and Dance, Girl, Dance the most.

However, given just one choice, it would be Dance, Girl, Dance!

Firstly, Lucille was given the opportunity to sing two numbers in the movie. Her vocal chords aren't first class, but she could really sing well if the script called for it. In fact, she was so versatile-- she could sing, dance, be bitchy, be stupid, be compassionate, be sick, and be funny (which in my opinion, is the most challenging).

Secondly, I liked the storyline. I guess it is equivalent to what we call chick flicks today. Maureen O'Hara was stunning! I didn't know who to root for when they fought.

Thirdly, I got to see her dance! She was so graceful, so beautiful and so classy at the same time.

Another reason is that this was the period where she had just met Desi Arnaz. You could see her glowing with happiness! She looked the prettiest!

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