Wednesday, February 15, 2012

30 Days of Lucille Ball-- Day 6

6. Favorite FEMALE co-star of Lucille Ball

As an avid fan of I Love Lucy, this goes without saying. VIVIAN VANCE, the queen of second bananas! Coming to think of it, I think Viv was the only female co-star with Lucille. They fought like sisters, and loved each other deeply like sisters.
Of course, in many ways, Viv was the more emotionally independent one, and Lucy was the more emotionally dependent one. She had many insecurities; luckily, she knew she could count on a few people in her life. This is why she treated those who were loyal to her ten times better. She definitely taught Viv how to be tougher and stronger to conquer her fears from her parents and ex husband.

Vivian Vance is such a great actress!

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