Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love, Lucy

Lucille Ball had been reluctant in writing her autobiography; she had always did all she could to protect her family members. She felt that what she would recall about the marriage would hurt Desi.

Her doctor suggested that she write one, "it would be emotionally healing," he had said.

No one knew that Lucille Ball had followed her doctor's advice into writing one. It was only many years after her death that her daughter Lucie Arnaz found the scripts amongst other official papers.

Desi had written an autobiography and it was sad that Lucy didn't. "I should have known," Lucie Arnaz said. "Dad and mum have always insisted on a happy ending."

I'm glad that Lucille Ball did. It really shed lots of light on why she was the way she was, and why she became bitter and hard when she grew old. Beneath that unapproachable demeanor laid a poor soul who had been hurt beyond healing.

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