Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Lucy Book

My long awaited book finally arrived, after almost a month since I've ordered it! I can finally add another book to my inventory!

The author of The Lucy Book, Geoffery Mark Fidelman had painstakingly chronicled every single television appearance of Lucille Ball from her first television appearance, Pantomime Quiz in 1947 right till her last years. He did a fantastic job of adding trivia and tidbits as well as quotes from people who had worked with Lucy. Those tidbits would be so precious to Lucy's fans to understand how it was like to work with her. I salute him for his effort!

It was an entertaining read. Each episode that was detailed was succinct and fun to read. It was like a trip down memory lane as I revisited each episode of I Love Lucy. There were some rare pictures scattered here and there, and the only complaint I have is that those pictures are far too little! However, a million pictures of Lucille Ball wouldn't satisfy me.

I'm halfway through the book (and I only made emergency pit stops for toilet breaks and meals), and I've never gotten bored at all once. This book is a must buy, for all Lucille Ball's fans!

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