Monday, March 12, 2012

Lucy at the Movies

The book that I've ordered finally arrived today! I had an inkling that my purchase would arrive today the moment I woke up, but I didn't expect Lucy at the Movies to lie in the package! I've been anticipating for this for weeks because of the great reviews I've read online!

Here's another book added to my inventory!
The author of the book, Cindy De La Hoz must have been an ardent fan of Lucille Ball. Every single one of the movies Lucille Ball had appeared in was laboriously chronicled, where movies were divided into different timelines, even those where I had not heard of!

This book is a treasure not only because of the huge and rare glossy pictures printed on the coffee table sized hard cover book, but also that much information cannot be easily found on the net or from other books, including official reviews of her movies, quotes from other people, hilarious anecdotes and interesting facts about Lucille in the movies, as well as the opinion of Lucille by people who surrounded her.

This is a must-have book! 5/5!

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