Friday, March 9, 2012

Her Husband's Affairs (1947)

Lucille Ball's comedic flair in Her Husband's Affairs provided a glimpse of what would manifest in I Love Lucy. It was before she found her niche, and already she was so entertaining.
Margaret (Lucille) was married to eccentric genius inventor William Weldon (Franchot Tone) who had zero marketing and communication skills. Much as he resented Margaret's interference, he always relied on her spot on suggestions to market those products. Mayhem exploded when a product that removes hair was mistaken for a hair growth formula... 

My review:
Most of the jokes fell flat because the transitions were all unnatural. I only enjoyed each scene with Lucille because I'm an avid fan of hers. With an inferior script, she still gave her 120% and I really appreciated that. Her apparels were beautiful too! But objectively speaking, on the whole, I wouldn't recommend this movie to non-Lucille fans. The quality of the movie wasn't fantastic either, but we can't expect much, can we? After all, the movie was made more than 60 years ago! Otherwise, seeing the future Lucy Ricardo in this movie just cracks me up each time!

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