Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lucille Ball: A Beauty

Here's an extract from an interview with I Love Lucy's script man, and one of Desi's and Lucille's most trusted men, Maury Thompson.

Desi once insisted on remaining at the country club to watch the Kentucky Derby. Lucy wanted to go home, and when he refused, she got in a golf cart and furiously drove off.

Maury Thompson, the script man of I Love Lucy (you can spot him while Lucille is doing her Vitameatavegamin scene), happened to be there that day as well, and she took him home to look after the children. He, Lucie, and Desi IV were in the swimming pool when Lucy joined them. "You're the only one in the world I would ever show myself to in a swimming suit," she told the guest. "Well, you look marvelous," Thompson responded. "And she did. She was tight, thin, no stomach, long legs, just freckles on her legs. She got in the water, and she swam the breaststroke, always keeping her head above the water. I treasure that moment. Because she was thoroughly relaxed and enjoying it. Then Desi got home, and she got mad again. There were only those few moments that there was no one to worry about."
Lucille had no reason to be shy about her body. She was perfect.

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