Saturday, October 20, 2012

Five Came Back (1939)

I've finally gotten to watching this black and white movie that supposedly made the movie producers open their eyes to the talented beauty, Lucille Ball. Five Came Back wass one of the "A" list movies that Lucille ever made. It's really a pity, because she was insanely talented. She became known as "The Queen of the Bs" later.

There are 9 passengers, 2 pilots and 1 cabin crew who are heading towards Panama City. Each of the passenger has his or her own background story. Peggy, played by Lucille Ball has an ill reputation and people in the plane generally stay away from her. The pilot particularly dislikes her.

During the second half of their journey, the plane meets with a terrible storm and the plane crashes at a jungle. Well, you can guess what will suffice. People generally show their best and worst traits when they face a game of survival. Some of them refuse to entertain the thought that they will come out of the ordeal alive, some are helpful and generous, while others are encouraging and optimistic. 

The two pilots finally repair the plane, but it can only fly 5 people. Well, I shall not spoil the suspense, but people's true colors show here.

This is a truly difficult question, and I have 2 answers to it.But before I give my answer, I'll like to say that I dig Lucille's hair in this movie! It's the pre-Lucille Ball look, so her hair is free flowing and all, and she looks incredibly young. Her performance is excellent, and that goes without saying. Here are my ratings:

If I were to watch this in 1939, I would have given it 5 stars! Given the lack of technology, the movie had great effects and all, and the storyline was kinda controversial and audacious. So yup, 5 stars!

If I was to critique it in 2012, which I am, I will give it 3.5 stars. Well, the picture's quality was bad. As an ardent Lucy fan, I would definitely want to see excellent footage of her. Okay, this can't be helped. Anyway, I've been exposed to too many thriller films and disaster films like... what are their names; the movie where a bunch of people are stuck in an icy mountain Vertical Limit ; the movie where people are stuck underwater (you know, the Titanic producer made this movie); The Day After Tomorrow; Battleship, etc.. See, I'm kinda immune to disaster movies.

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