Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance: Friendship

I really love the episode in I Love Lucy where the two women sing Cole Porter's song, Friendship. Those two wonderful ladies display so much chemistry that I'm just moved.
It's true that Lucille tries to contain her emotions and finds it difficult to express her love, loyalty and deep devotion for others. Lucille only knew how to display her outbursts of temper and irritability, but she was shy at nature. Yes, Lucy was a shy person!

However, it's just clear that she loved Vivian Vance. After Viv's death, Lucille could not mention her name without bursting into tears. Watch the interviews of Lucille after Viv's death, you'll weep too. I can't imagine how it's like to lose your best friend/sister forever.

Vivian Vance once told a wonderful story that showed just how much Lucille loved her.

"One Christmas, Lucille presented me with a scrapbook, embossed on the cover with This is Your Life - Vivian Roberta Jones. She'd put it together herself, with baby pictures, photographs of Mom and Dad and the family, including uncles and aunts. It had taken weeks of telephoning them - as well as my psychiatrists along the route- before she got together all the souvenirs to sort and paste in. Then, she threw a party at the studio and had everyone at Desilu attend. At the climax, she handed over the scrapbook."

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  1. But, didn't Vivian Vance throw that scrapbook out after I Love Lucy?