Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Most Beautiful Face on Earth

In my opinion, this face is the most beautiful on earth. I've never seen another one yet this natural, this simple, this unassuming, this moving, this happy, this blissful, this pleased.
The reflection of light from Lucille Ball Arnaz's eyes shows that she was crying, with elation of course. She was going to be a mother yet again, after 12 long years of marriage, it would seem like a miracle to her and Desi Arnaz. The tears weren't script, and the ending of Lucy is Enceinte from I Love Lucy sure as hell wasn't scripted. Desi started crying, and Lucy did too. They thought that they had loused up the film with their emotional outburst, but little did they know that this unscripted poignant version turned out to be so appealing, so human, so touching!

That's the expression of a loving wife, a loving mother, a mother-to-be, and a unsurpassable comedian!

Lucille Ball also happens to be the first pregnant woman shown on television.

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