Sunday, July 1, 2012

Desilu? Is that French?

Once, a celebrity asked Desi Arnaz what the heck Desilu meant. "Is that French?" he asked.

Desi and Lucy were inspired by Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, who called their company, their home, their animals and everything Pickfair. They toyed with so many combinations, Ballarnaz (not quite), Arnazball (nah), Desi's Balls (hell, no!), Ludesi (still not quite)... and finally decided on Desilu.

For once, Desi Arnaz got the first billing and Lucy didn't mind at all. She knew Desi's need to establish himself as the man of the family and had always believed his talents would pay off one day.

She was right.

Do you know? I Love Lucy was executive produced and later directed by Desi Arnaz?

Do you know? Desi had the memory of an elephant, and by reading through an I Love Lucy script once, he could remember word-for-word? It used to drive Lucy crazy, who had struggled through many readings before conquering the script!

Let us remember this wonderful man who loved a wonderful and difficult lady, who made her a legend, who was not given any credit till years after his death.

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