Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lucy and Desi, Old Age

Here's a rare picture of Lucy and Desi in the 1960s!

It's like they've never gone through that infernal divorce.

Maybe it was really for the better. Sometimes you just love a person too much to be close to him or her because you'll become self-destructive, and at that, you'll destroy the person you love and cherish most.

Anyone has got pictures of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball Morton to contribute? I'm sure the audience would an assurance, to know that they still loved each other just the same after being separated. 


  1. This was later than the 1960s. Lucy and Desi was much older in this pic. More like 1970s-1980s.

  2. Absolutley love this pic! You can tell they never lost that love for eachother.

  3. This photo was taken on Lucie Arnaz's wedding day to 2nd husband Laurence Luckinbill on June 22, 1980.

  4. I never realized but as I get older, I am finding out that Lucy and I had/have a lot of things in common. Your blog Lucille Ball

    This is a blog dedicated to Lucille Ball, her life, movies, and I Love Lucy!

    I sense a forlornness in you, nourished since a tender age. You knew what was funny, but seldom did you really laugh.
    You found a temporary felicity from your achievements, and through that someone- you opened up and gave your complete self.

    You lost that gamble, your soul was set ablaze. That forlornness turned into a destructive monster, who buried your childlike and kind soul. Deep down, you longed it to be released. But the monster won.

    Life- why was life full of misery? You didn't know as misery had been your best friend far too long. If only you had help.

    I hope you've found happiness now. Made me feel so connected to her . I would have loved to had met her. We could have had a cup of coffee and a smoke and talked about our ex's Her Desi and my Jose and how even though divorced we still love till death do us part.