Thursday, May 24, 2012


I know that you guys cannot click copy and paste and save pictures from Instagram, and I wanna share pictures of Lucille Ball (and Desi Arnaz) with you guys, especially when Instagram edits such beautiful pictures.

So,  I'll try to upload the pictures onto this blog whenever I can.


Instagram users: 
Please do me a favor and become a follower of @WELOVELUCILLEBALL. It's not for my sake but I want more people to know how awesome Lucy (and Desi) was. You and I know that she certainly could act just as well (or even better than) many of the revered actresses from Old Hollywood. She was her best at every film; she even delivered an acid line fabulously!

Some of the pictures are really rare, and here is one example of what I call a rare photo:

I love this photo to bits! Desi looked so suave in his army uniform and I love Lucy's loose curls here. Most important, it seems like Desi wanted Lucy to look at nowhere else but at him!
Remember, it's @welovelucilleball!

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