Friday, January 25, 2013

Keith Thibodeaux and Desi Arnaz Jr

Hey guys! Thank you for leaving me those wonderful comments. Well, I miss you all too! And I'm deeply honored and humbled that what I've been doing to this blog has received compliments. I love Lucy, and I'm sorry for not posting. Here's one.

A lot of people believe that Ricky Ricardo Jr. was Desi and Lucille's real son. They couldn't be more wrong.
The role of Little Ricky was played by a talented young drummer called Keith Thibodeaux. He displayed such great skills with the drums that he was hired by Desi Arnaz immediately. Lucille took care of his wardrobe, his hair, and even his education. Keith stayed over at the Arnaz's place often and was a playmate to Desi Jr. and little Lucie.

"It was like having three children instead of two," said the couple.

Of course, that meant that young Keith had witnessed Desi and Lucille's explosive tempers and raging quarrels many times.

Having Little Ricky on television was kinda tough for Desi Jr., it caused him to have identity problems. When he was young, strangers would walk up to him and say things like, "hey, you're Little Ricky!" or "hey, you don't look like Little Ricky!" It was tiring to have to try to explain to people that he wasn't little Ricky, but Desi Jr.. They wouldn't have gotten it. Bear in mind that back then, communication methods were tough. There wasn't television reruns, not many books were written about the legendary couple, DVDs and documentaries didn't exist, and there wasn't internet. Television audience "invited" the Ricardos and Mertzes into their living room once a week, and they were like family. Telling them that Little Ricky wasn't Desi Jr. wouldn't have gotten anywhere because they were too used to having another concept.

I'm glad that Desi has straighten out his life and is living meaningfully and happily with his family.His parents would be so proud of him.

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