Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Desi Arnaz: Sweet Husband

"Desi was very interested in photography. He was also a sentimental man who liked to chronicle his life with Lucy. (...) She (Lucy) once told me that he has hundreds of albums with pictures of her. I thought she was exaggerating. She was not."

"You often see Desi with his camera in Desilu Inc., and at the I Love Lucy sets, Desi would snap pictures of her (Lucy) as she posed."

-- Desilu employee.

I wish more home videos and personal pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Desi Arnaz can be released, but it would be asking for too much, wouldn't it? It's just that it warms me up when I see them together.


  1. Oh so nice, by the way Happy Birthday Desi Arnaz... lots of love!!!

  2. Your blog is amazing! Please upload blogs more, if you can? :)

  3. Yes, I agree. Your blog really is amazing ;)

  4. Your blog is wonderful! I have learned so much about Lucy and Desi through it. Currently I am DEEPLY interested in Lucy and Desi (I perfer not to use the term 'obsessed'), and their beautiful love that lived even after they divorced (cue the sobbing). Please keep updating for I love your blog (as aforementioned) infintely . I haven't found any other place that gives such good information as you do. My sister's words when I showed her your blog quite captured it: "You have stumbled upon a rare gem."

  5. Awwww! Also I gotta commend you on this fantastic and very passionate blog! *high fives* If I ever met a newbie to the world of Lucy, I would direct them to this blog! I am still exploring, but so far you are hitting the nail on the head. Also you r opinions are the same as mines. Crazy.

  6. I recently stumbled across this blog, and I agree with you! Whenever I see photographs of Lucy and Desi together, it makes me so happy. They truly loved each other, even after their divorce. The love never went away. I have seen home videos of them, and I think Desi loved capturing the beauty of Lucy. Who wouldn't love capturing her beauty? Thank you for writing this post!

  7. i've considered myself to be the biggest Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz fan there is...i just found this blog and i'm already loving it!!! thanks so much for doing this blog!! they were two of the greatest people who ever lived!!!!
    God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is. 53:5